No Style Without Textile!

A benchmark of Authentic & premium quality custom made garments and Home Textile Finished Products from basic to high-end. ELtwentynine is a complete package of design, fabrics, cut and sew & finished garments under one roof as “We Believe in Made in CANADA”.

What we do

Knitting, Dyeing & Finishing, Cut & Sew, Embellishments, & More

Fabric Knitting

We are capable to produce the knitted fabrics of supreme quality; it is an imperative that superior quality raw materials are procured at competitive prices. At our facility we always used the finest quality yarn for knitting.

Fabric Dyeing

Our well-equipped Dyeing department with a production capacity of around 10,000 Kg of dyeing / day allows us to fully meet our dyeing requirements.

Fabric Finishing

Finishing department at comprises of automatic hydro-extractors for the removal of moisture from dyed fabric, computerized tension less dryers for instant fabric drying.

Stitching Production Capacity

Our Cutting Units working under the supervision of skilled unit managers, these cutting units are well equipped with latest machinery including Gerber Plotter, Auto Spreader, Auto cutter, Band Knife, Spreader, Bierrebi etc.

Pattern Making

Since Pattern making is one of the fundamental steps for successful dress and design of garment so we have skilled and professional team of pattern makers interprets a design by drafting it through pattern pieces as per the body specifications and measurement following a set of instructions.


We’re handling Embellishment part as well. We have pretty reliable sources for Printing which are well equipped to execute with Screen Printing, Heat Transfers, Off Set and (DTG) Direct-to-Garment Printing techniques.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a dynamic and growth-oriented company by providing the best quality products to its customers, a secure and friendly environment place of work for its employees, and to project ELtwentynine’s contribution to the industry and market.

Odor Free

Stain Resistant

Eco Friendly

Less Washing & Quick Drying

Nano Free


Home Textile

We are experienced

We Have Over 15 Years of Experience in The Industry

ELtwentynine manufacturing structure is well equipped from raw material to finished products that facilitate all the processes which enables us to reduce the time spent in completing customer’s orders. All our divisions are equipped with the latest equipment to maintain the high quality standards that we have set for ourselves.

About us

Providing the Highest Quality of Fabrics & Finished Products

ELTWENTYNINE is an Apparel and Home Textile Finished Products Manufacturing Facility. Having the entire production process and flow (Knitting, Dyeing, Finishing, Cutting, Embellishments, Stitching, Packing) we are able to deliver quality Apparel and Home Textile products with minimum wastage and faster delivery time right from the basic apparel themes to highly fashioned garments thus responding to an emerging trends in the Industry. We believe in quality and we make sure that every step in the production of our products meets the high standards set by our respective customers.

  • Custom Sewing
  • Source of Knitted Fabric
  • Cutting Experts
  • Pattern Making
  • Finishing & Design Services
  • Dyeing
  • Fabric Finishing
  • Tubular Finishing
  • Stitching Experts


As a leading manufacturing company, We understand and appreciate the responsibility we carry towards the environment and to our community.
Being compliant is an integral part of ELTWENTYNINE’s culture and that is demonstrated in our commitment to conduct business in a responsible and ethical manner while incorporating the regenerative, organic and recycled versions, resources and materials used for sustainable textiles are being obtained.

A benchmark of Authentic & premium quality custom made garments from basic to high-end. ELtwentynine is a complete package of design, fabrics, cut and sew & finished garments under one roof in Canada.

Etobicoke, ON, CA